True Carpentry & Construction

Specialising in high quality, bespoke building projects. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Japanese and European wood architecture, oak and softwood timber framing or have queries about how it could apply to your project.


About True Carpentry and Construction

I am Oto Seiler and I founded True Carpentry and Construction in 2012 but I have been working in timber construction for 10 years.

I have been lucky enough to lead an interesting professional path; after secondary and university education in the UK my apprenticeship was conducted with Kumakura construction, Kyoto - my family home, where I spent four years learning the arts of traditional and modern Japanese constructional carpentry. Kumakura is a very well respected company frequently invited to work on important national projects or sites of historical interest in Kyoto; Japan’s former capital city hosts a significant number of historical buildings.

Japanese carpentry relies on highly accurate construction, in an earthquake-prone country architecture has evolved to create very robust, solid constructions whilst respecting the Japanese aesthetic of simplicity and clean lines. The traditional buildings are constructed of wood – predominantly Japanese cedar and Japanese Cypress (hinoki). During my apprenticeship I had the honour of working at Kyoto Imperial Palace (Katsura), The Nationally significant Hiiragiya  Ryokan (Traditional Hotel), Shrines, Temples and “Machiyas” (town houses).  I also had the honour to work on some “Chashitsu” (traditional tea houses).  Please speak to me if you would like to learn more about Japanese architecture or have queries about how it could apply to your project.

I moved to Cornwall in 2009, where I have worked with many local craftsmen including oak framers, thatchers and joiners. Again, working alongside experts in their fields, I have had the opportunity to apply my skills to many projects and learn how to use European oak framing and construction skills myself, though working in and around the southwest including restoration, modern oak framing and complete building projects.

I use my experience and exacting attention to detail in every project. Through excellent ties with other local craftsmen we are ready to undertake projects large or small - please get in touch for more information.    




Traditional or modern timber frames - usually in green oak, Douglas fir, sweet chestnut or larch

Design consultation - CAD representations can be produced to help your vision come to life - it's best to involve us early on in a project

Cabins, conservatories, staircases, porches, gazebos and more...

Does your building need some care and attention? ask us about renovations and restorations

Varied styles 

Rounded wood frame

Alongside our timber frame projects, we are often commissioned to design and construct one-off pieces such as this outdoor gym piece intended for Lowe Bar on the Lizard for the National Trust. 

Bespoke Projects

bespoke joinery

This is a gazebo we were commissioned for in Constantine, Nr. Falmouth, using locally sourced sweet chestnut and larch with western red cedar shingles. We designed and produced this as a surprise anniversary present!

Everyone’s projects are special and we approach every one with energy and pride in our work. 

Every project is personal 

general building work

This is a simple oak arbour decorated for a wedding beside the Helford river. We would be honoured to design something personal to your requirements.


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Please check back here soon to see example videos and photos from existing setups. If you require more information regarding ThresherCam please don't hestiate to get in touch.